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Characteristics of our planning and building realisation

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Function & Composition

One recognizes the main motive of our draft in a nature-connected building method, according to the principle of the modern trend: "inside is outside and outside is inside". This principle is obeyed functionally, visually and constructionally uniformly.

Each unit is shaped after personal needs of the users and the situation in the house. Thus each unit occurs with a building project only once.

The room heights in the residential-area lie between net 2,70 m and 4,80 m. These room heights in connection with the large glass areas offer an excellent room climate and living quality, where the areas are flooded with air and light.

The construction principle of our plants is based on a pillar/raster system, which makes also subsequent functional changes of the walls for a unit possible.


Acoustic protection:

At our residential-objects elevated acoustic protection is planned between the units and is in accordance with the demand implemented.

With the construction-separation under the semihouses from the foundation up to the roof covering, for example the three family object in Gauting, the four family object in Gräfelfing, an area-protection of min 68 dB is achieved. With the part-separation of the construction, for example the more-families-house in Krailling, an area-protection between the apartments of 60 dB was realized.

As required to further improvement of the acoustic protection, adapted acoustic implementations will be planned and executed.

At acoustic disturbances of the streets - and track-traffic ect. are planned and executed arrangements in the outside area, in cooperation with an acoustic advisor, through suitable concept-solutions of the unit (for example object Gräfelfing, Wendelsteinstr. 19 and object Gräfelfing - Lochham, H. Hummelstr. 14).
  Utilization of solar energy:

Our building-concept results predominantly over the utilization of passive solar energy. The big glass surfaces of the walls, the roof, bays ect. with heat-protection - and sunvisor-glazing (roof-surfaces), provide, that the solar energy in winter is accepted directly in the residential-area.
To the first protection of overheating and CF - radiation is executed the roof - and slanted-glazing in qualitative sunvisor-glass, that prevents also the big heat-losses in winter. With demand, awnings and sails are especially installed additionally on the south - and South-west-facade in front of the glass surfaces.
The big vertical glass surfaces are protected against overheating, at high sunbathe-stand in the summer, through suitable balcony - and pergola - constructions in front of the facade. Active utilization of the solar energy at our units is conceived after individual demand by the support of hot-water supply, of heater-installation up to the complete heat-demand of the house, by the combination of high-quality collectors with the solar-heat pump.


Over the application of the respiration-capable brick - and wood-products, reduction of the reinforced concrete-elements on the constructive minimum, application of cotton - and Isofloc-thermal insulation, bio colors and silicate-wall-paints ect., our endeavor is, already to achieve a natural climate in the residential-area from the concept.
This „nature-climate " is produced primarily by big-volume rooms, cross-ventilation and deep sun in the winter and it´s marked out through an optimal relationship between the humidity, air-circulation and light-circumstances in the living space.

Low - energy-house

The mounting of a calorific value-installation plant with efficiency 100% in combination with a floor-heating represents a minimum-measure in our realized structures for a low energy consumption and environmental protection (duplex house in Wendelsteinstr. 19, Gräfelfing).
The introduction of a controlled ventilation-installation lowers the energy consumption considerably (Unit MH-2, Construction Gräfelfing - Lochham, project Münchhausenstraße 16, München- Obermenzing.)

The primary energy consumption (electricity) and the environmental pollution is significantly reduced through the use of alternative energy sources such as a water-to-water heat pump or air-to-water heat pump, optimized by the controlled air conditioning system (duplex house Strindbergstraße- Pasing, project - Münchhausenstraße, Obermenzing).

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