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Dipl. Ing. Architektin Olivera Götz

Career spezification:

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1971 - 1972Diploma and promotion by the TU- Belgrade (birth- place) with excellent concluded. Freelance employee at the TU- Belgrade and the Institute for Town-Planning of Belgrade, among others collaboration with the Institute for Town- Planning of Toronto, Canada.

From 20.11.72 active in Munich as an architect.

1973Employee architect at the “Architect- Society 69”, Munich-Pasing, for Design in house-building, leader architect Christoph Kubuschock.

1973 – 1976Planning of Broadcasting- and TV- centres in the Third world (Muscat- Sultanate Oman, Kinshasa- Zaire, Brazzaville- Congo, Benin- City, Nigeria) as employee of International Consortium under leadership of the firm SIEMENS, Germany (planning) and the firm SKANSKA, Sweden (static and building realisation).

From 31.07.1975 member of Bavaria cabinet of architects and the begin of freelance work as an architect.

1977Planning of different buildings in order of private building owner, among others one Sanatorium of 130 beds in Bad Wörishofen, small residential houses in Munich.

Connection to Architect-Society “Planning centre freelance architects and engineers RS, Munich” as a partner for abroad cooperation. Foundation of the subject section “Broadcasting and Television” Dietrich, Götz, Krieger, at “Planning centre Munich”.

1978 – 1985Preparation of the TELCOPLAN- System in the section: “Broadcasting and Television” and the firm “AEG- Telefunken”, studio- section in Wolfenbüttel.

Participation with the TELCOPLAN- System at the “International Television-Symposium” in Monteux, as well as at the “International Broadcasting Convention” in Brighton.

Participation at the international competitions for broadcasting- and television- constructions, among others, Transmitting station in Abu- Ghraib, NDR- project in Kiel, Broadcasting and cultural centre in Eupen, Belgium.

Beside the work also planning of different residential- and office- buildings, like:
  • “4 split-level”-units in Munich- Oberföhring, Isar-canal,
  • cooperation at the project of one pilgrim-school in Traunstein,
  • apartment-houses-project in Großkarolinenfeld, Rosenheim,
  • office-block project of ca. 40.000 m³ in Ismaning, near Munich,
  • multiple dwelling houses-project of 10 units in Munich- Waldperlach,
  • two triplex-units-project in Munich- Waldperlach,
  • business- and apartment-house-project at the corner Wotan- Pfafnerstr. in Munich.
Planning, supervision and realisation of raw building of holiday-house in Rovinj, Istria, according to the rules of ecology, use of passive and active solar energy, investors Olivera and Peter Goetz.

1986 – 1988Leadership of planning and of the international team for the planning of Broadcasting and cultural centre in Eupen, Belgium, in cooperation of PFF- Munich, Goetz and Krieger and BAG- Eupen, Emonts and Willems, coordination AEG- Belgium- Germany.

1989Cooperation at the foundation of the firm Integrabau, Society for integrant employment of building -design, -biology, -physic in Munich mbH, for realisation of dwelling houses ready for occupancy.

1990 – 2000Project-planning, -development, -supervision and building- realisation of multiple residental houses, in order of the firm Integrabau GmbH, among others:
  • 3-family-construction in Gauting- Königswiesen, district Starnberg,
  • 8-family-construction in Krailling, district Starnberg,
  • 4-family-construction in Gräfelfing, district Munich,
  • 4-family-construction in Gauting, Königswieserstr. district Starnberg (only planning).

2001Foundation of firm BAU –Function, -Physic,- Biology GmbH for planning of residential-business-, hotel- and public buildings, care for building and realisation of objects in Germany and foreign countries according to the newest findings of function, of buildings- physics, of buildings- biology and of the ecology.

2002 – 2004Completion of holiday house in Rovinj, Istria (realisation and supervision).

Planning and development of the 4- family- construction in Gräfelfing- Lochham, district Munich, in order of the firm BAU GmbH.

2005 – 2006Planning, realisation and care for building of 4- family- construction in Gräfelfing-Lochham in order of “Building owner of H. Hummelstr.- project.”

2006 – 2008Planning, realisation and care for building of double house in Munich- Pasing, building owner Mrs. and Mr. Stemmer.

2008 – 2010Planning and realisation of 4-family-construction in Munich- Obermenzing, building owner Mrs. and Mr. Goetz and the firm BAU GmbH.

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