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81247 München

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Project Example:
Two modern town houses Munich - Obermenzing

Project ObermenzingProject ObermenzingMünchhausenstr. 16
width Underground garage

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Building owner-care

We help you through all steps by the realisation of your building activity, like:

1What is the optimal site for my building, where I can realize my building program and financial the whole building?

2Where are difficulties at the application for building permit?

3What are exactly building- and building- following- costs?

4How can I charge the technical personnel and building- firms so, that I potential get less difficulties by the realisation of my project?

5How should I take the building over obligatory?

6How can I prove the final accounts of the building firms and technical personnel?

The over six points in the development of any building activity are, according to our experience, the essential points of every building activity. The building owner response every of this steps, without consideration, if he is possible, or not possible, to understand this matter.

We can support you with our experience and deliberation, optimal at the beginning of the building activity, when a lot of decisions are still open. Please take contact with us:

your name:
your e-mail:
your telephone:
your text:

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